My Favorite April Fool’s Day Story :-)

Seahawks win Super Bowl 48 against Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Not only that, but it was one of the most dominating Super Bowl wins in NFL history, going up 36-0 at one point and ultimately winning 43-8. Oh, and also it came against PEYTON MANNING and the Denver Broncos.  (lol)

So get this, uh, the Seahawks scored on the first play of the game. Yeah, that’s it. Oh and it wasn’t even their ball, the Broncos had it. Umm, like, it was a horrible shotgun snap that went into the end zone for a safety and Seattle was up 2-0 for the quickest score in Super Bowl history. Uh huh.

And like, Denver had maybe the greatest offense in pro football history, scoring the most points ever, and favored to win the game but ended up losing by 35 points. It was like, the biggest point differential in a Super Bowl since 1992.

Really, how can you not grin when you read it here!

H/T to for the fun read!

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