More responsible corporate action in a security breach: “Subsidiary of Experian Plc exposes some 200 million social security numbers”

Exclusive: Iowa, North Carolina join states studying Experian breach

BOSTON/NEW YORK Tue Apr 8, 2014 8:09pm EDT

Experian spokeswoman Susan Henson said her company was cooperating with authorities, but that notification was up to U.S. Info Search because it owned the database that Ngo had queried through Court Ventures.


“U.S. Info Search is the company that owns the database, and only it has the ability to know what data was returned in response to Ngo’s inquiries,” she said. “Experian has attempted to engage U.S. Info Search to assist in identifying affected consumers.”


U.S. Info Search Chief Executive Marc Martin told Reuters that it was up to Experian to notify consumers.


“The suspect didn’t have access to our system and it was Experian that sold the data and collected the funds,” Martin said.


Read about it here and see if you can sort out all the double-speak generated by the PR departments.

File your Fraud Notice with Experian here.

Read about what the laws on the books requires them to do here and be your own judge of their handling of the matter.


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