Debating the pros and cons of freezing eggs

PBS Newshour October 22, 2014 at 9:16 PM EDT

For decades, medical advances have made it possible for women to postpone or extend their ability to have children. Now two big tech firms, Apple and Facebook, say they will pay up to $20,000 to allow employees to freeze their eggs for later fertilization.

That decision has sparked a fair bit of conversation about the benefits, the risks and the choices women could face.

Egg freezing certainly was important for women who had to undergo a medical procedure such as chemotherapy and who wanted to at least preserve the possibility of having children genetically of their own some time in the future.

But the prospect of women beginning to do this in order to simply preserve their fertility while they advance their careers is a new phenomenon and somewhat more troubling, because it is simply not as successful as having children through ordinary conception or even through ordinary in vitro fertilization and freezing your embryos.

To advance their careers?  So they get to decide career versus kids?  Does the benefit really give them a choice or create a career conundrum? Can (when will) supervisors pressure women to postpone pregnancy now that they can freeze their eggs on the company nickle?

Just sayin’…



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