Month: September 2015

A reminder worth repeating

Digital Estate Planning: More Than a Lifeline

AICPA Insights September 23, 2015

Whether you think of our connected world as a benefit or as a time waster, there’s no escaping the complex red tape associated with providing access to our digital assets after we pass away. What lives online is neither easy to access nor is it clear cut as to who can get to it.

Remember, if you don’t give specific, detailed instructions, your wishes are not likely to occur.  Just sayin…


Mistrust of the Media? Say it ain’t so!

Trust in the media is at an all-time low. That’s a terrible thing for all of us.

September 28 at 4:41 PM Washington Post

The rise of outside partisan groups — on the left and the right — has coincided with a bumper crop of partisan-first media outlets designed to foment rage and exasperation with the mainstream media’s alleged missteps. It’s good business for them — and just plain terrible for the American public.

You can think the media thinks too highly of itself. (We do.) You can ask who appointed us the refs. (Fair.) And, you can be skeptical — in fact, you should be skeptical — of something being reported that smells fishy to you. (We, as humans, can and do get stuff wrong.) But, what you should not wish for is that the mainstream media disappear or be rendered irrelevant.

“The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.” –  Ida B. Wells

Don’t stop reading (skeptically). Just sayin….