Month: December 2015

Why did Obama really kill XL Pipeline?

If you’ve been following along, you already know that Warren Buffet controls BNSF railroad (which hauls most of the oil around the country).

You also know that John Kerry is married to Theresa Heinz.

Heinz is partners with Warren Buffet.

Buffet is a “great friend”of, and contributor to, Obama.

So, connect the dots, five different State department studies confirmed that, standing alone, the pipeline would have almost no impact on the environment, and

Worst of all, failing to build Keystone XL will actually hurt the environment. That’s because transporting oil via pipeline is much safer than via rail or truck. Indeed, oil shipments by rail are nearly five times more likely to experience spills or other incidents than those by pipeline…

Shipments by pipeline also produce less emissions than alternative methods. Had Obama approved Keystone XL’s permit when it was submitted seven years ago, he would have spared the planet 8.8 million tons of greenhouse-gas emissions – the equivalent of eliminating 1.8 million cars from the road.

“Every year that we rely on rail instead of pipeline infrastructure to carry this oil results in more emissions, more spills, and more fatal accidents,” lamented Catrina Rorke, energy policy director at the R Street Institute, a Washington-based think tank. “With the pipeline project now effectively killed, that number will continue to compound.”

My conclusion? Killing XL Pipeline was a totally profit motivated decision that Obama is now trying to sell in Paris as a boost to the environment.

What makes the whole episode even more strange is that apart from the rejection of Keystone XL, Obama actually has an unfalteringly pro-pipeline record. On his watch, more than 12,000 miles of pipeline have been built in the United States, mostly underground. That’s the equivalent of ten Keystone XL pipelines – and all without much fuss from the green movement.

Clearly, the president’s opposition to Keystone XL isn’t about the policy merits. With this decision, he has chosen to appease the environmentalist left, which decided to make killing this pipeline its signature priority.

Keystone XL was a tangible pathway to job creation, economic prosperity, and a healthier environment. Unfortunately for us, those considerations took a backseat to cynical politics and posturing.


Would you be surprised to learn that all those environmentalists (See Buffet’s buddy Daniel Tishman at NRDC) who were against this pipeline were associated with “Charities” funded by contributions from Buffet controlled corporations (that then deducted those amounts on their income tax returns!)?

Just sayin….