Time Passages – The California Incline is finally getting a makeover

Santa Monica-area residents brace for California Incline construction

 March 23,2015 LA Times

You know it as this:

California Incline

Light trails are captured with a long camera exposure as cars move up and down the California Incline in Santa Monica. (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)

But it started as this:

California Incline in 1916

A view up the California Incline in Santa Monica circa 1916. The passage hasn't been renovated in 85 years. (Ernest Marquez Photograph Collection)

So, that trip to Malibu this summer should be maybe be rescheduled for summer 2016. Just sayin…


This Hot (Sauce) off the press! “there’s no “srirachapocalypse” just yet”

Sriracha Hot Sauce Officially Declared a Public Nuisance in California

Lucy Westcott

In the latest installment of the hot sauce apocalypse saga, officials in California have declared the production of Sriracha hot chili sauce a public nuisance and are threatening to shut it down forever.