Getting Sports fans to understand “Go Green!” isn’t just a cheer

The Natural – Ian Gordon for Mother Jones

“The question is, how do you change people’s cultural attitudes?” he says. “How do you change their minds? You don’t do it by arguing in Congress. You don’t do it through talking heads on Sunday talk shows. You’ve got to connect with them in a place where they’re open to changing their minds.”

“Sixteen percent of Americans follow science,” Hershkowitz says, citing aNational Science Foundation survey. “Seventy percent follow sports.” And many of them are not exactly sympathetic to the climate change agenda.

He let me know that there are 154 pro sports teams (“if you don’t include professional lacrosse”), 90 of which share 50 animals as mascots or team names; 31 of those animals are endangered or at risk of going extinct in the wild.


Maybe sports fans just need to be given the information so they can make informed decisions?  If you asked all the NFL Philadelphia Eagles fans to support 1% of every licensed gear sale being directed to Eagle habitat preservation, how many people do you think would be against it?  I know, it’s Philly, but I still think they’ve all got hearts and brains (they just get underused occasionally). 😉 Just sayin…