“Blizzards are like roller coasters: they’re only fun if they scare the bejeebers out of you.”

Blizzards can seem like the end of the world


I don’t see the point of writing this column because no one is going to read it. The world is about to end. I saw it on the news.

I was talking to the mayor, Marty Walsh, about the storm and he seemed positively sanguine about the situation.

“Marty,” says I, “it’s the apocalypse. I just saw it on TV.”

Boston’s mayor responded with some tripe about using common sense and common courtesy and we’ll get through this, and I’m thinking, “What’s got into this guy?” Keeping his head when everyone around him is losing theirs? I’m very worried about Marty.

This is Charlie Baker’s first ride at the snow rodeo as governor and he was steely calm when he showed up at the bunker in Framingham Monday afternoon. He’s ditched his predecessor’s MEMA fleece in favor of a suit, a sturdy raft of placidity in a sea of panic. What fun is that? He’s as bad as Marty.

The governor actually had the audacity to point out that it snows around here and sometimes it snows a lot. He obviously didn’t get the memo. This is no time for levelheadedness.

And it all will melt.  Just sayin….